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Shaina + Dilan | A Fall Fulda Wedding With Love & Some Harry Potter

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The Twelfth Day of October, 2019 | St. Boniface Church | St. Meinrad, IN

Want to know a fun fact about this wonderful couple and ourselves?? We are both Holi-Couples! What does that mean exactly? Both of our stories began at the Land of Santa Claus (and Love) a.k.a. Holiday World & Splashin' Safari! Yes, we all met our forever lifetime companion at a theme park and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Even though Shaina + Dilan’s wedding day did not  include roller coasters and cotton candy, it did have momentous pieces. Read on to find out! ;)

Shaina + Dilan’s flat lay accent shots included all sorts of surprises! Shaina’s items were just the sweetest with her pearl necklace, dazzling hairpiece, hand crafted  dress hanger, and wait for it...white, lace TOMS! What a perfect mixture of cute and comfy!! Dilan’s accent pieces were just as adorable! One of Dilan’s main hobbies is woodworking, so we were so excited to capture a few of his handmade pieces just for the wedding! His creations consisted of a charming hinge ring box for him matched with a wood tie clip and a delightful box for his and her rings!! The detail in his craftsmanship was uncanny! Last but not least, Shaina + Dilan are Harry Potter lovers, so, naturally, they had to include Chapter 8 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Wedding into their accent images!

A stunning dress + a stunning ceremony location = captivating pictures! We nestled Shaina’s lovely dress close to the entryway of the church, and it was just beautiful! What made this dress so lovely? Well let us tell you! This a-line gown designed by Mon Cheri was delightful with its lace covered bodice, curved v-back, and chapel train.  St. Boniface Catholic Church is jaw dropping with its wood, marble, and stained-glass architecture. Its breathtaking columns and wooden pews made you feel as if you were in Europe for a split second! Even with all of this church’s splendor, its beauty did not match the candid excitement Shaina + Dilan portrayed every moment leading up to the ceremony for their unity in marriage.

Bryson and I remember what it was like to stand face to face during the ceremony in front of your closest family and friends with all the nervous yet excited feelings! So as a photographer, we LOVE capturing the sweet, sneaky winks, whispered “I love yous”, and hugs between the bride and groom as they wait for those two special words, “I do”!  After an endearing ceremony with exchanged vows and rings, Shaina + Dilan said those two special words that would forever proclaim them as husband and wife. Congratulations Mr. + Mrs. Arnold!!

It is a rarity that we have more than a handful of minutes to be alone with the bride and the groom for some post ceremony portraits, but the time was in our favor on this glorious day! After capturing the celebratory images with the wonderful, hilarious bridal party, we were able to sneak away with Shaina + Dilan before heading to the reception. The genuine emotion and joy that a bride and groom have just minutes after their union is hands down contagious. Bryson and I can’t help but feel those same butterflies from when we got married! Ugh, the nostalgia is amazing! Watching Shaina + Dilan  Arnold hug, kiss, dance, and say “You’re my wife! You’re my husband!” for the first time was just captivating. Nothing could distract them from that moment and we couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to get it all on camera!

We never know what to expect when we walk into the reception hall, so we are always thrilled to see how our couples piece together the perfect blend of decor! Shaina + Dilan’s perfect blend was made up of black metal lanterns, eucalyptus garland, white draper, and the most darling copper bridal party cups! To top it all off, their vanilla, naked cake drizzled in pink icing was delectable!! As the newlyweds and their crowd were getting their groove on, we couldn’t help but step back and be overfilled with joy as another couple entered into the greatest union ever: marriage!


Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Bridal Gown: Beth Carter

Hairdresser: Shear Creations

Makeup: Brooklyn Sanders, Mary Kay

Reception Venue: Fulda Sportsman Club

DJ: Boogie Tunes

Caterer: Catering by Meyer

Cake: Shaina Mundy

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