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Kari + Troy | A Love Story Made for the Movies

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The Twenty-first Day of December, 2019 | Astra Theatre | Jasper, IN

Have you ever met someone for the first time and wondered, “How have I never met you before this moment?! This was the exact thought going through our minds when we met Kari + Troy for the first time, which made us all the more excited to take the role as photographers for their wedding day! While meeting for a pizza and timeline planning date, we LAUGHED for hours as if we had been friends for decades and not just a hot second! As they poured out their hearts to us about their story of dating, getting engaged, and vision for their wedding day, we fell in love with them more and more!

A little something special about Kari and Troy is that she is an art teacher, and he is a policeman! With that being said, their details were the perfect mixture of their occupations and creativity. Troy’s wedding band and Kari’s garters were detailed to excellence with a splash of royal blue. As if that is not filled with wonderful sentiment, Kari utilized her artist expertise by hand painting all of their signs! Another aspect that added such a pop of color to their flat lay shots was that Kari LOVES greenery, and we sure are glad that she does! Everything from her bouquet to his garter to the lush display of greenery at their reception was just exquisite!

As we started our day at Kari’s childhood home for wedding day hair and makeup prep, we scouted out the perfect spot to capture her dress and all of its glory, which ended up being in their neighbor’s yard. No worries! We had permission to do so. ;) It was as if the sun was just waiting for us to find those perfect trees to nestle her dress in, so it could shine on its beauty! Speaking of beauty, this Veda by Maggie Sottero was radiant! Its beaded lace motifs adorned the bodice while the illusion back, halter neckline, and tiered tulle skirt added to Kari’s elegance. The shoes were buckled. The jewelry and headpiece were set. The perfume was spritzed. This bride was ready to see her daddy...and her groom...for their first looks!

If you have never taken a trip to the Parklands, you need to do so pronto! Its wonderful landscapes create a relaxing experience and a spot on location for pictures if we do say so ourselves! As Kari rounded the corner to give her father a first look, her smile was just beaming. As her dad turned around, he couldn’t help but hold two thumbs up for his gorgeous daughter! How precious?! Now it was time to tuck away Kari and strategically place Troy without them seeing each other. We are always ready to take on this challenge and act as if we are G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane when our couples want to do a first look just to make sure the sneak peek doesn’t happen before the cameras are ready! Troy did not hesitate for a second to wrap Kari up in the biggest teddy bear hug when he laid eyes on his bride. The hugs continued and the cameras kept snapping away, taking into account this precious moment. With a few moments left to spare before the ceremony, we grabbed a few family shots with a guest appearance of their pooch, Loki! Loki’s pure adorableness was taken to the next level with her bandana that read, “My humans are getting married!” When our couples make it a priority to have their picture taken with their pets, we can’t help but have a childlike giddiness inside and out!

Grab your seats, and let the cereMOVIE begin! That’s right. Kari + Troy intentionally picked a renovated movie theatre for their ceremony venue, and it was cineMAZING! Popcorn was not needed to fully enjoy these two commencing a new part of their story as husband and wife. They vowed their love to each other and “reeled” each other in with a kiss. This was not The End but just The Beginning! 

After hopping across the street for some bridal party celebration shots, we snuck away with the bride and groom to St. Benedict’s Brew Works for newlywed portraits. We always love the giddiness that comes from the newlyweds as the reality of husband and wife has now become oh so “reel”. As a photographer, you are always on the lookout for unforgettable backdrops and boy did we find them. Perfect sunlight + rows of pine trees + quaint red barns = stunning! The dancing, snuggling, and smooching was pure perfection behind the lens, and we were so blessed to be able to deliver those timeless images for them as a forever keepsake.

With the spruce of greenery decor and classy, black and white elegant pieces, the setting was set for a time to “Celebrate good times...COME ON! It’s always an enjoyable experience to wait on the sidelines for the perfect dance moves, and we snapped as many as we could! Even though the night came to an end, we know the celebration of marriage for Kari + Troy will always be a tale as old as time...

“It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together … and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home. .. only to no home I’d ever known … I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like … magic.” 

Can you name that movie???


Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Bridal Gown: Ella Park Bridal

Makeup: Makeup By Taylor, Taylor Starrs

Hairdresser: The Beauty Bar, Makenzie Whitsitt 

Stationary: Hoosier Business Machines

Florals: Erin’s Events, Erin Rust

Ceremony Venue: Astra Theatre 

Reception Venue: Ferdinand Community Center

Catering: Catering By Meyer

Cake: Ashley Quakenbush

DJ: Side One Sound, Kevin Powell

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