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Abby + Jared | NewlyJudys

The 24th Day of September, 2022 | Dale Bible Church | Dale, IN

“Marriage. The roots are deep. The covenant is solid. Love is sweet. Life is hard. And God is good.”

-John Piper

Abby + Jared are some of the most relaxed, down to earth, humorous human beings you will ever meet! So you can only imagine how fun their wedding was when they spent the day purely relishing in making memories with their best of friends and family and most of all in enjoying every second of embracing the reality of becoming husband and wife.

When Abby + Jared decided they wanted a little taste of city and country for their engagement session locations, we knew the perfect spots! Strolling along the riverfront in downtown Owensboro and through the most scenic backgrounds Western Botanical Garden had to offer, we could only wait to deliver a gallery full of florals and fun to these two!

With their fall wedding came the most beautiful color palette to incorporate the gorgeous details of celebrating Abby + Jared. As the bridesmaids dressed in divine shades of rust and dusty pink decor accents glittered through their ceremony and reception venue, the sounds of autumn enhanced the wedding bells ringing for the almost newlyweds!

Abby + Jared made the decision to not see each other before the ceremony, so you can imagine the suspense and sentimental emotion that was building until Jared finally laid eyes on his bride. With lots of laughter, lighting of the unity candle, and a smooch to seal the deal, the suspense turned into a matrimony for Mr. and Mrs. Judy

The laughter continued as we photographed a bridal party full of fun and Abby + Jared walking and twirling into the sunset for their newlywed portraits. A dance floor overflowing with sparks and a hip crowd brought the evening of festivities to a close, but the joy of a new covenant will always continue for Abby + Jared!

Melody of Marriage:

“I was a boat stuck in a bottle

That never got the chance to touch the sea

Just forgot on the shelf

No wind in the sails

Goin' no where with no one but me

I was one in a hundred billion

A burned out star in a galaxy

Just lost in the sky, wonderin' why

Everyone else shines out but me


I came to life when I first kissed you

The best me has his arms around you

You make me better than I was before

Thank God I'm yours”

Abby + Jared, we are “rooting” for you two to deepen your roots in the goodness of God, so that the fruit you both bear may be saturated in the likeness of Christ, pouring out into the sweetness of your marriage. Congrats to the newlyJudys!


Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Wedding Venue: Dale Bible Church

Reception Venue: Huntingburg Event Center

Stationary: Minted

Hairdresser: Impressions

Makeup: Studio 1039

Bridal Gown: Beth Carter Exquisite Bridal & Formal Wear

Tux: Beth Carter Exquisite Bridal & Form

Bridesmaid Dresses: Beth Carter Exquisite Bridal & Formal Wear

Groomsmen Tuxes: Beth Carter Exquisite Bridal & Formal Wear

Rings: Disinger’s

Cake: Family Members

Decorator: Cinderella’s

Florist: Cinderella’s

Caterer: Catering by Meyer

DJ: Sonus DJ

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