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Alex & Jade | A Saint Bernard Wedding

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The 6th day of July in 2019 | Rockport, Indiana

For a little over ten years (approx. 4,116 days!), Jade + Alex have been building up their relationship for this one, momentous day. The day that took them from high school friends to hitting the “in a relationship” button on facebook to being fiances to vowing one another’s life to each other forever.  Their sincere hearts and genuine attitudes for each other was incredibly endearing, and we were able to catch it all through photography and videography!

As we walked into the lakeside cottage where Jade and her girls were getting ready, the excitement was gleaming on each girl’s face. The curlers were hot; the dresses were pressed; the bridesmaids’ matching, embroidered shirts were buttoned; everyone was waiting for the first big moment of the day… the bride in her wedding gown!! Jade’s divine choice for her dress was absolutely pristine: a classic ivory Stella York, traditional A-line silhouette with multiple layers of french tulle, high neckline, and crystal buttons accenting the back all topped off with an Alencon lace veil with subtle bridal sparkle detail.  Her loose, dutch braid, elegant pearl earrings and bracelet, rhinestone beaded sandals, and “something blue” garters made for a stunning bride!

Our “first look” location may have been in a stranger’s front yard, but you just can’t pass up the opportunity to use a white house with black shutters as your backdrop! During the daddy daughter first look, we always ensure to pay close attention to the father’s reaction. Jade’s sweet father was smiling from ear to ear, and it was simply darling. As they exchanged hugs and giggles, we moved on to place eight bridesmaids in their location without revealing Jade...not an easy task but so worth it. ;) We counted down, and their reaction was priceless! After they embraced their gal pal bride with all the hugs, we placed Jade + Alex  for their notable sneak peek of each other before the ceremony. Oh how sweet it was!!

Even though Bryson and I are a little jealous that we did not have a first look on our wedding day, we LOVE watching our couples experience these unforgettable, tender moments with each other. As Alex turned around, he did not skip a beat to grab Jade in the biggest hug. A few tears ran down his face (and Jenna’s too. haha!), and he could not take his eyes off of his bride. Golly, those moments never get old!

As we moved into the ceremony, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and comical yet adorable ring bearers made their way down the aisle of St. Bernard Catholic Church. 18 people in all, y’all!! As the bridal, processional song played, all eyes turned to Jade . Alex found himself to be misty-eyed again, watching his wife inch her way closer and closer to him. Bless his heart! Jade was purely gleaming as she embraced her daddy’s arm, locking eyes with her groom. Vows were proclaimed. Rings were placed. Bubbles were adrift in the wind. Alex + Jade were now Mr. + Mrs. Hermann!

It was time for some celebration!! After capturing the bridal party fists in the air, giggles, and snuggly shots of the Mr. + Mrs., we made our way to the reception hall for a good ol’ good of a time that things got turned upside down {Watch wedding film for proof!}. As Jade + Alex recited every word to every rap song played, the crowd danced the night away. Even Bryson and I got our boogie on too! Needless to say, Jade + Alex welcomed their union as husband and wife with festivity and elation for their new chapter in life.


→ Alex: “What I love most about her is her drive and determination on everything. If she wants something, she will do what she has to do to get it. Jade, I love you so much. I hope I don’t embarrass you too much when you walk down the aisle...because it’s going to happen.”

→ Jade: “Alex, it’s crazy to think that we are moments away from forever. You are one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met. You continuously put me and the puppies first. You surprise me daily with your love. Through the approximately 4,116 days I have known you, I’ve looked forward to this day.  I look forward to this day and becoming a part of your family and to the rest of our lives. I love you.”

Wedding Trailer:

Wedding Featured Film:


Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Videographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Wedding Coordinator: Kim Nowak

Wedding Gown: Ella Park Bridal

Florals: Lauer Floral

Hairdresser: Erin Patmore & Martha Crews

Makeup: Ali Kermode

Invitations: Vistaprint

Reception Venue: Spencer County Youth and Community Center

Caterer: New Boston Tavern

DJ: Sonus DJ

Cake: Lindsey Hall

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