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Autumn + Hayden | A Crush that All Started in Third Grade

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The 24th Day of October, 2020 | Dawson Springs, KY

Marriage and relationships in general take perseverance. Perseverance to fiercely love that special someone through trials and triumphs that life throws their way. Well, Autumn and Hayden’s story definitely involves some determination of beginning a relationship that all started when they were tots!

As Autumn’s third grader self would get ready in the mornings, she would ask her mom if she could wear makeup to impress Hayden on the bus. How incredibly adorable, right?! When the elementary makeup trick didn’t work, Autumn remained patient to catch Hayden’s attention. It wasn’t until a few years after high school that they began their lifelong journey together. It may have taken a few more years than Autumn was expecting, but the end result is a marriage where we hope that they will continue to pursue each other fiercely with that same zeal she had in third grade. :)

While these two are lovers of hunting, it only made sense to capture their engagement celebration at Hayden’s family hunting ground. There may have been some hopping over deer poop and lots of riveting adventures while riding a side by side, but the images were worth every second of thrill!

Autumn + Hayden, as you two near your wedding date, hold this quote by Fierce Marriage near and dear to your hearts, “Marriage is less about perfection and more about perseverance.”

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