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Brooke + Zerrick | When A Paramedic Meets A Nurse

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The 5th Day of October, 2019 | Venue 1408 | Huntingburg, IN

When you get to capture a wedding day of a friend from the high school days, the sentiment is just flourishing! As soon as I saw Brooke’s inquiry come through our email, my immediate response was, “Heck yes!” Brooke and Zerrick were the perfect blend of cheery, giggly, and downright darling!

How did they meet exactly?? Well, Zerrick just so happened to work with Brooke’s younger brother as a paramedic and would regularly make jokes about his beautiful, older sister who was a nurse. Then, when Zerrick saw Brooke for the first time, he couldn’t help but say, “Wow, your sister really is beautiful!” A memorable first date led to an exciting engagement, which led to an abiding marriage! By the way, did we mention what Brooke said while anxiously waiting for Zerrick to pick her up for their first date?? “If I marry him, my initials will be BMW, and I’m fine with that!” How cute is she?! 

We’re pretty sure Brooke was incapable of not smiling and containing her excitement the entire day to the point that she would randomly bust out some dance moves. Golly, she was just the most adorable thing! During her interview, she had the most poise attitude about the wedding and her love and passion for Zerrick. We love the responses from our couples when they answer the question: “What do you love most about your future spouse?”.  Brooke did not hesitate for a second to share that she absolutely adores his sense of humor and that she loves nothing more than to laugh with him. As if her heart was not beautiful enough, she was dressed in a beautifully designed gown by Essense of Australia. Adorned by scalloped lace and crystal buttons, Brooke was an absolute stunning vision. To top it all off, her bouquet was abundant with roosters’ comb flowers, which are a family sentiment and growing in her childhood home backyard! 

When the first few seconds of a couple’s feature film begins with, “I’m already getting choked up” from the groom, you know it’s going to be a good one! Zerrick’s adoration for Brooke brought him (...and maybe me) to tears as he read Brooke’s letter to him. Another question we love our couples to respond to is, “At what moment did you know he/she was the one?”. Zerrick’s response did not fail to amaze us as he stated, “I knew I wanted to marry her after our first holidays together. Her emotion just in general is what I love about her. She is so selfless and does things out of the kindness of her heart purely.” All in all, October 5th was about so much more than just the wedding for these two; It was about the celebration of marriage!

Now it was time to get this show on the road! As Brooked graced her way down the aisle, every eye was glued to her beauty. Zerrick’s sweet tears were falling as he saw his bride for the very first time. It is moments like these where we wish time could just stop for our couples, so they could soak in every second of joy and jubilee. As they exchanged lifelong commitments to each other, we could not help but smile from ear to ear, knowing another couple was brought together in the greatest union! 

Mullets, Rockytop, and Elation would be our three words to describe Brooke + Zerrick’s extraordinary reception! As we panned our cameras with a few 360s and through the crowd, we made sure to capture all the raging dance moves and sneaky smooches between our bride and groom. Every foot was tapping to the beat of such a momentous day, and we were honored to play a “role” in filming all of the wedding goodness!! 

“Oh my heart is yours. My heart is yours. You can have it all. Oh you show me how without looking down, it’s okay to fall. ”

Wedding Trailer:

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