Candi + Bryce | A Hole in One Kind of Love

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The 16th Day of August, 2020 | Huntingburg, IN

“When you know, you know.” This saying may carry a simple meaning to it, but for Candi and Bryce, it is a true, deep reality for their relationship and soon to be marriage. Without even knowing who they are, you can just tell that they are truly meant to be husband and wife just by the way they look at each other. Seriously, just scroll through their blog, and you’ll believe us one hundred percent!

After just a few short months of dating, Bryce knew he was ready to commit his life forever to Candi with those special words, “Will you marry me?” And what better place to propose then where they enjoy spending their time together at the golf course?! As Bryce’s lifetime caddie, Candi finds pure pleasure in recording the game rather than playing the game. The couple arrived to Hole 9, and Bryce made sure to tell Candi to get this hit on camera. As the ball glided across the fairway, he knew it was time for his “Ace” moment. Candi joined him on the green, and Bryce got down on one knee, giving Candi the best gift she could ever get from a game of golf. :)

Candi and Bryce, your wedding will not only carry an endless amount of beauty to it because you two will be sealing the deal of marriage, but it will be day number one of an incredible journey designed by God that will only lead to more “Ace” moments.

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