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Collin + Gretchen Miller | Love in Louisville

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

An incredible time of celebration with two incredible humans

August 11th, 2018

It may have be a toasty August day, but we think it was because these two just had the hots for each other HAHA! Gretchen and Collin were an absolute blast you guys. It was an action packed wedding day with literally so much on our agenda. Regardless though, we had the time of our lives celebrating with them and capturing every move they made!

We started out the day early in the morning at a beautiful private clubhouse in the Woodlands neighborhood nestled in Louisville, where the hair and makeup team worked their magic on the bridesmaids. We never really knew you could dance you booty off AND apply beautiful makeup all at the same time. With wine being sipped on and music bumping, it was a blast!! While the ladies finished their final touches, we took our time capturing a wide variety of accent shots of Gretchen's accessories and dress.

Following the bridal party prep and basically the pre-wedding party, we ventured down a wooded path behind the club house where Collin and Gretchen's first look would take place. We gotta say, it was truly touching friends. Collin did a good job containing himself, but his excitement was painted all over his face! It was so cute you guys, as Gretchen closed in from behind, you could totally tell Collin started to squirm in total giddiness! Once he turned around though, it was total magic. He stared at her in awe of of what a vision in white she was. She gently caressed his face as he continued to take in the moment, and it nearly brought us to tears y'all. After the moment settled a little, we took advantage of the beautiful wooded scenery and captured some epic couples shots of the almost newlyweds.

Later, we ventured to Highland Baptist Church to get these two married! One of the oldest churches in Louisville coupled with a live string orchestra made this a dreamy ceremony. The guests watched in awe as Collin and Gretchen exchanged vows and rings. The crowd burst in to joy once they were pronounced husband and wife!

After corralling the family together for our their shots together, off to the reception venue we went! The newlywed Miller's had their reception just a few blocks away at The Pointe, and friends, it was perfect! Their gorgeous centerpieces and decor complemented the old industrial look of The Pointe it such a way that it was just mean't to be!

When we say that this crowd knew how to party, we mean it. They literally partied like it was 1999 folks, and we LOVED every second of it. The celebratory vibe hung in the air almost all night long as Gretchen and Collin ruled the dance floor. Once the Pointe told us we finally had to leave, our oh-so-sweet newlyweds ran through a gauntlet of sparklers, hopped in a white Maserati, and drove off it to the night!

We are so happy we were able to capture their married day and hope you enjoy their films!


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