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The sweetest moments shared with some of the sweetest people we know! From a childhood friend’s perspective… (Jenna)

5-22-2019 | Jasper, Indiana

After keeping this secret for a few weeks, we can officially spill the beans! Our great friends, Ricki and Connor, are pregnant!!! We are ecstatic to watch these two grow in their marriage and now as parents. This little secret gave us the opportunity to be a part of Ricki surprising Connor when she told him she was pregnant, and we got the whole thing on camera! Here is a little background info on how we made the session happen.  Ricki and I grew up together while attending the same church as kids. We have seen each other go through countless trials and triumphs, remembering that God is our source of joy, peace, and strength. We have been a part of each other’s journey to finding our husbands. She got to see Bryson propose to me, and I got to be with her when Connor snap chatted her for the first time while he was in the police academy. Jumping to today, we continue to invest in each other by seeking to be wives after God’s own heart, and now I have the opportunity to see this beautiful woman become a mother! 

A couple months ago,  Ricki and I met up for lunch when she told me that her and Connor were wanting to become pregnant.  We schemed a plan that Bryson and I would be ready to take pictures of her telling Connor that she was pregnant when the time came around. A few Tuesdays ago, I got a text from Ricki that said, “When can you take our pictures?!” Instantly, I screamed out of excitement, putting together the pieces of what the message really meant. We put our plan into action, and Ricki conned Connor into thinking that Bryson and I were going to be in town the next day and wanted to take pictures of them for fun, which was not Connor’s idea of a fun Wednesday night. Bahaha! Little did he know the ending result of what that session would be. ;)  On mine and Bryson’s drive to Jasper, we practiced talking out our conversations and poker faces to make sure we would not give anything away to Connor. Let’s just say this was WAYYYY harder for me than it was for Bryson. We arrived to the courthouse and began our “just because” session. On a side note, these two had incredible outfit choices and are drop dead gorgeous models!! With Connor being an Indiana state policeman, he had a fellow officer photo bomber, which was the icing on the cake! The fun conversations and giggles continued as we (Bryson, Ricki, and I) kept our cool and worked together to keep Connor clueless! After getting our necessary poses, we decided we were ready to switch  locations to the Parklands in Jasper. This also meant outfit changes, which was the perfect timing for Bryson and I to swipe some chalkboards that Ricki was hiding in her car. Keep reading to find out how the chalkboards played a significant role in the baby announcement!

We arrived to the Parklands and continued taking more “just because” pictures because it’s just so darn beautiful there! We had told Ricki ahead of time that our cue for doing the announcement would be when Bryson and I started talking about how we want to start incorporating chalkboards into anniversary sessions for our business. The time arrived; the setting was perfect; and the lighting was beautiful, so we went for it! 

We had Ricki and Connor stand back to back and gave them both a chalkboard and piece of chalk and told them to write three words that describe each other. Connor chose to write, “Loving, Caring, and Supportive.” Ricki took this time to write out, “I’m prego and hubby doesn’t know it!” Bryson and I told Ricki and Connor that they could not show each other the signs yet because we wanted them to wait until their one year anniversary to see what each other wrote, so Bryson snapped a few pictures to continue to play off the plan. Oh, friends, we are getting closer to the big moment! 

Then, we had them erase “two words” from their boards, so they could show each other one word and have a mushy, gushy moment. ;) Connor chose to keep the word, “loving”, and Ricki wrote a new message on her board that read, “You’re going to be a DADDY!” Ahhh, we’re almost there!!! After the camera and couple were posed and ready, we counted down…3…2…1!

Connor spun around with a grin. Ricki turned with the brightest smile you had ever seen. A few seconds later, reality set in, and Connor was absolutely speechless. When he put the pieces together, all he could say was “What?! No?! You’re serious?!” From that point on, tears, hugs, and lots of kisses filled our camera. Connor discovered our plan; and needless to say, he no longer regretted spending his evening taking pictures. 

There are no words to fully express the joy and excitement that came from that session, but Bryson and I are still thrilled that we got to be a part of it. So grab your Kleenexes, and prep yourself for some of the most sentimental images we have ever taken!

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