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Connor + Ricki | When a bank teller meets a policeman....

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The sweetest story ever, coupled with the most beautiful Dubois County wedding we've ever seen!

October 6th, 2018 | Holy Family Parish Jasper, IN

So these two literally have one of the sweetest stories ever, because it's truly a modern day fairy tale. A guy in the state police academy walks in to a bank, sees a cute girl working behind the counter and musters up the courage to message her out of thin air because he knew the moment he saw her that there was something special. UGH! I'm pretty sure they have told their story to us at least 4 times now, and we still can not get over just how precious it is.

Our day with Connor + Ricki began at Connor's parents' beautiful home nestled in the hills and country of Dubois County. We were amazed at the landscape and setting of the home. A large, beautiful lake behind the home with a huge fountain in the middle; fencing all around the property for the horses grazing in the pasture.... needless to say it was a dream come true for our photography and videography brains. After letting our cameras feast on the beautiful landscape for a few hours, we skipped over to Southern Roots Salon in Jasper, Indiana to capture the beginnings of the hair and makeup process. The vibes were happy and the laughter was plentiful as conversation of the wedding day filled the air.

We soon returned to the Geisler abode, after spending some time with ladies at the salon, to capture all of our detail and accent shots. This portion of the day of course began with Ricki's stunning dress from Beth Carter Bridal. The lace and embroilment was complemented by her pearls and jewelry in such a way, it could not have matched any more perfect.

Once the entire bridal party arrived at the home soon after we did, the pieces of the wedding day really started to fall in to place. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all began getting prepped and ready for the day, immediate family members started to arrive; the atmosphere just began to build more and more. As Ricki and Connor finished their last minute details of getting dressed, we pulled them aside separately for the interview portion of their wedding day film. They each shared their feelings leading up to their wedding day, their current anticipations and emotions, and a little on just how much one meant to the other. It was touching to say the least. After Ricki shared her thoughts and feelings, it was time for her first look with her father. As most dads are, he was a champ of masking his inner emotion leading up to seeing his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time. Once he turned around though, all bets were off as tears started to well up in his eyes. They embraced one another and enjoyed the moment together as the tears flowed.

Next it was Connor's turn to bear all in his interview. He too did not hold back in sharing his thoughts leading up to the wedding and what was currently going through his mind. He shared that he was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to contain his emotion upon seeing Ricki for their first look, which obviously made us that much more excited to capture it.

The suspense was real as Bryson guided Connor down to the lake under the large shade tree where the first look was to take place. Jenna soon followed guiding Ricki down the hillside to soon see her anxious soon-to-be hubby. Once we were all ready to go, she slowly approached Connor from behind with a gentle smile on her face, knowing what was about to happen. Ricki gently turned Connor around revealing herself to him, and immediately his facial expression went from anxious to astounded upon seeing his bride for the first time. The chin quivers, the glassy eyes; you guys, it was all good feels for this first look. They both took in and embraced the moment together as they hugged, kissed, and gazed upon each others' attire. Bryson and Jenna's cameras were going non-stop throughout this entire moment as they did not want to miss a moment!

After a solid 45 minutes of hubby and wifey portraits along the lake and gorgeous foliage, it was time to head to Holy Family Parish for the big moment of the day. This church was insane folks. Floor to ceiling stain glass windows on both sides of the sanctuary, beautiful woodworking throughout the room, 3-4 story high ceilings; the place was huge to say the least. As the music began to play and Connor's eyes fixated on the end of the long isle before him, Ricki appeared from behind the crowd of standing guests. It was the first look all over again, friends. Emotions were heavy and the tears were flowing as Ricki and Connor drew closer to one another, and to the start of their journey together. They exchanged their vows, placed their wedding rings on their fingers, and gazed in to each others's eyes at times where it looked as if they were just tuning out the world around them. Upon being pronounced husband and wife, Connor + Ricki sealed their sweet ceremony with a passionate kiss as the crowd erupted in to cheers and applause.

We then ventured to Venue 1408 in Huntingburg, Indiana where the reception was to take place. Upon arriving, Connor + Ricki's crowd of nearly 400 were already there patiently awaiting their grand entrance. When the bridal party was all lined up and ready to go, the DJ cranked up the music and began introducing them all. The crowd once again rose to their feet in thunderous cheers as their favorite bride and groom entered the room. From then on, the entire night was packed full of laughter, dancing, and all around good times. We, with cameras in hand of course, danced our booties off with them celebrating the start of their lives together. Our hearts were oh-so full and smiling over the opportunity to capture our sweet friends' married day, we could not be any more proud of and happy for them!

Vendors of the wedding day!

Dress and formal wear: Beth Carter Bridal

Photography: Rose & Oak Studios

Videography: Rose & Oak Studios

Hair Salon: Southern Roots Salon

Ceremony Venue: Holy Family Parish

Reception Venue: Venue 1408

Catering; The Mill House

Deejay Services: Boogie Tunes Entertainment

Below you will find Connor + Ricki's incredible wedding day films and images that we had the pleasure of capturing!


Featured Film:

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