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Ian + Jill | Happy Times at Lakeside Park

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

A tree bountiful engagement session with a little twist towards the end!

Lakeside Park | Holland, In | 4-22-19

A Dreamy Forest Engagement Session

One of the greatest opportunities we have as photographers is to travel to either new locations or locations that we would have never thought about using for photography reasons. For Jill and Ian’s engagement session, this was definitely a reality for Bryson and I! 

To begin our time together, we strolled through Lakeside Park in Holland. This lovely park was the perfect backdrop with its whimsical woodland scenery, beautiful lake, and, of course the Windmill Chill! Their contemporary attire choices were the perfect accent to this captivating location. Jill and Ian did not skip a beat with showing us their genuine love for each other and excitement about their future wedding date, which is coming up oh-so soon! 

The lighting and timing were perfect, so we ventured on to our second location. Any guess where it may have been? How about a field on the side of interstate 64?! This location was not on our radar until we were driving home one day and realized that we could not pass up this location for a session! The cuddles resumed, and Jill + Ian continued to have us in awe with how adorable they were with their posing. 

August 31st could not come soon enough as we await with delight of their wedding day in New Harmony!

Lesson learned: Even the most unexpected locations can bring the most beautiful images. ;) 

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