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Jordan + Kyler | A Love Sealed In Boonville

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A day filled with pure joy, excitement, and one classy car!

Main Street General Baptist Church | Boonville, IN | The Twenty-Ninth day of June, 2019

When we met Jordan and Kyler for their engagement session, our first impressions were… “These two are some of the greatest people we have ever met!” From the get go, this couple portrayed a love and excitement about their relationship, wedding, and future marriage that was contagious. Jumping forward to June 29th of 2019, that same enthusiasm was apparent on their wedding day from start to finish. Overall, it was a great pleasure of Bryson and I to capture Jordan + Kyler saying “I do” to a life-long companionship together. 

These two had such an incredible eye for the intricate and beautiful details of their wedding day ensemble. Their choice of crimson, navy, and white was  orchestrated throughout the entire day. From the crimson bridesmaid dresses to the navy suits for Kyler and his groomsmen to the white floral arrangements, every ounce of planning on their part came together to create an exquisite, memorable day. Let’s take a minute and talk about Jordan’s choice of bridal array. Her something borrowed was an elegant pearl bracelet paired with pearl earrings that belonged to her grandmother before she passed. With this sweet sentiment, Jordan’s delicacy continued with her pointed, lace heels, loose updo with pearl pins, and last but by no means least her ivory, lace, high-neck halter sheath wedding gown by Melissa Sweet.  Holy cow she was gorgeous!!! After her mom helped button up the last of her buttons, a new and tender smile filled Jordan’s face. This girl was ready for her wedding. 

Cue the cameras! Now it was time for a few first of our favorite parts of the wedding day! Jordan tiptoed behind her father, tapped his shoulder, and them embraced him in such a gentle and delicate daddy-daughter way. Then, she stood before her bridesmaids, who were all dressed in crimson high-low dresses and lovely golden-sparkly heels, and counted down from three. They opened their eyes and awe-filled gasps and squeals filled the room. Now, the moment she had been waiting was time to see her groom!

As Kyler arrived to their sweet, cozy home, you could see the elation with a little nerves all over his face. His dapper attire included a navy suit, crimson tie, leather pointed shoes, and a boutonniere that tied the wedding color palette all together. As Bryson positioned Kyler, I escorted the giggly bride just a few steps behind her future, soon-to-be husband. Bring on one of the most adorable first looks we have ever seen!

We always love to hear the first words to come from the groom as he sees his bride for the first time. Kyler’s reaction was touching and oh so delightful! “Babe, you look incredible. Spin for me!” Jordan took a few spins, and Kyler stood there jaw-dropped in awe of his bride’s beauty. They embraced each other with a kiss, and we took this precious time to capture a few moments of their wedding day exhilaration together. 

Jordan + Kyler’s closest friends and family gathered together at Main Street General Baptist Church to witness the matrimony of this endearing couple. Two Bodies, two minds, two spirits, One heart. The “I dos” were made, and everyone celebrated with a bubble sendoff as Jordan + Kyler rode away in a Ford Model A classic.  How classy is that car?!?! Like we stated before, these two put forth incredible effort in assembling all the perfect details for an unforgettable wedding day!

As if one beautiful car was not enough to use as a great backdrop, Kyler was so excited to bring his black Trans Am for sunset pictures! These two love riding in style, and we snapped a few photos with this marvelous ride! The rest of the evening was a momentous combination of smooches, first dances, the newlywed shoe game, and a whole lot of getting groovy. What an enjoyous opportunity it was to photograph these two becoming husband and wife!

Just like the saying goes in Sweet Home Alabama, “Why would you want to marry me for, anyhow?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” This is just one piece to the blissful puzzle of marriage. Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Kyler Kempf!


Photographer: Rose & Oak Studios

Hairdresser: The Glam Bar- Whitney

Caterer: Pam Stevens

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

Flowers: Schnucks Floral

Cake: Sweet Betty’s Bakery 

DJ: Evansville DJs LLC- DJ Ray

Ceremony Venue: Main Street General Baptist Church- Boonville, IN

Reception Venue: Warrick County 4-H Center

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