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Justin + Mandi | A Guthrie Meadows B&B Wedding...

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The sweetest story from a couple of Jr. High sweethearts. Seriously, grab some tissues before watching.

October 13th, 2018 | Guthrie Meadows Bed & Breakfast | Tunnelton, Indiana

In their words, the story starts out as "Punk kid meets the sweetest girl in school...". Justin and Mandi's near life-long story is straight-up touching, friends. Within the first few minutes of initially meeting these two, we knew they had a strong foundation with one another along with quite the tale to tell. On their wedding day, our suspicions came to fruition as the beauty of their story unraveled right before our eyes, and cameras. The feels were strong and the emotions were heavy leading up to the beginning of the ceremony, and we ourselves struggled multiple times throughout the day with having to dry our misty eyes because of these two.

The full wedding day took place at a place unknown to us before, nestled in the hills of Southern Indiana was the quaint little town of Tunnelton. With not a single 4-way stop and placed right next to the East fork of the White River, it was the perfect little town for the perfect little wedding. The crown jewel of Tunnelton however, is the Guthrie Meadows Mansion on the edge of town. This two-story Victorian style home was recently converted in to a Bed & Breakfast with a focus on weddings. The property has everything you could ever want for a cute little country wedding, complete with a multi-level barn and animals! We could go on and on about how adorable this place was, but back to Justin and Mandi.

Upon our arrival to the B&B, the bridesmaids along with Mandi were already busy little bees getting ready upstairs. The smell of hairspray and the consistent sound of laughter filled the air of the old home as the girls discussed the wedding day and reminisced about old memories while getting ready. While they did their thing, we began capturing ALL of the gorgeous detail shots! Mandi was spot on with her choice of all things sparkly and floral arrangements. From her bracelet to her earrings, it all complemented each other perfectly! Then there was her dress.... Oh my goodness, Mandi's dress was the most gorgeous thing ever! With it's ballgown style and beading, it was truly a dream!

Once the ladies had finished getting ready and the guys cleaned themselves up, it was time for Justin and Mandi's first look. After a lovely, heart-wrenching letter reading from the both of them, we knew this first look was going to be one for the record books. We didn't have to look far for a place to do the first look. The photographers and us chose a beautiful little shaded area next to an old white fenced in area, housing the cutest little goats ever. After staging Justin and making sure he wasn't peeking, we then guided Mandi across the lawn to her soon-to-be hubby. She slowly approached Justin from behind unaware of the extreme anxiousness written all over his face. Just for added anticipation, Mandi cupped her hands over Justin's eyes so he knew she had arrived. Once he turned around the look on his face was priceless!! His eyes lit up as he gazed upon his little wifey to be in her stunning dress. The two of them embraced one another, chatted about the soon to come ceremony, and soaked in the special moment together.

We then ventured on to capturing our bride and groom shots along with the full bridal party. After spending 45 minutes capturing every laughter filled moment, it was time for the ceremony. The ceremony took place in front of the massive Guthrie Mansion with the guest seating placed underneath an enormous shade tree. As the music began to play, Justin and the minister made their way out the front door of the home to where the "I do's" would take place. The bridal party made their way down the aisle followed by the little ring bearer and flower girl. When the music changed and the crowd of family and friends were asked to rise to their feet, Justin's gaze was locked on to where his bride would appear from. As Mandi turned the corner of the aisle, the sweetest look of astonishment came over Justin's face. He could not stop smiling, folks. As the ceremony progressed, these two cuties had their vision locked on to one another and at times seemed to tune out the host of guests surrounding them. They softy exchange vows of commitment to one another and placed rings on each other's fingers, all while refusing to stop smiling. When the time came for the minister to pronounce them husband and wife, their faces lit up and they sealed their ceremony with a passionate kiss. Justin and Mandi had a little extra skip to their step as the recessed back down the gauntlet of family and friends, all cheering and applauding the new Mr. and Mrs.

Before entering the reception, we then took these newlywed cuties to a nearby field to capture their oh-so-sweet husband and wife shots. This was quite the giggle and snuggle filled mini-session. The Majors laughed, chatted, and held one another close pretty much the entire session, still wrapping their minds around the fact that they were FINALLY married!!

As the sunset descended over the distant hills west of Tunnelton, the party was just kicking up on the huge deck of the reception barn behind the mansion. Sound Specialist Entertainment from Georgetown, IN brought their A-game as always, keeping the crowd moving and dance floor packed all night long! The time of celebration with family and friends was immense and a moment to be cherished for years to come.

We are so stinking happy that we were able to be a part of this incredible couples' special day and wish them nothing but the best for the very many years to come.


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Venue: Guthrie Meadows Bed & Breakfast

Photography: Alexandria Kay Photogrpahy

Videography: Rose & Oak Studios

DJ: Sound Specialist Entertainment

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