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Lee + Crystal | A Heart Racing New Harmony Engagement Session

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The 26th Day of April, 2o2o | New Harmony, IN

Our hearts were so full as we packed our camera bags to head to our first session of 2020! We could not help but smile the entire drive to New Harmony, giddy with excitement to meet Lee + Crystal and capture the celebration of their engagement! After we said our hellos (from a distance...Thanks a lot, covid-19), we were off to a great start and full of laughs already being that I (Jenna) almost fell on my face within the first five minutes of our session! :/ 

Every couple has a different, authentic story of how they met and fell in love, and we LOOOVVEE hearing each and every one of them! After dating for two and a half years, Lee was ready to go the extra distance with his and Crystal’s relationship! Being that he was a stock car racer, he beautifully planned a pedal to the metal proposal. Crystal undoubtedly said yes to living in the fast lane for life with Lee, which led to the beautiful time we were all able to spend together!!

If you know anything about New Harmony, Indiana, you know it is a beautiful, quaint town. Well, it’s cuteness is no match for how adorable Lee and Crystal are together! As they danced and snuggled (and even jogged a little) through their session, we couldn’t get enough of them!  As we strolled through the Roofless Church, we couldn’t help but snap a few shots in the exact spot where these two would soon become husband and wife! Ahhhh, marriage!! The laughs and stunning landscapes were endless. Most of all, our love for Lee and Crystal went into complete overdrive!

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