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Morgan + Andy | Endless Thank Yous to a Mutual Friend

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The 3rd Day of October, 2020 | The Parklands of Jasper | Jasper, IN

What makes Morgan + Andy’s story of togetherness unique? A mutual friend is who helped their relationship kickstart! We have no idea who this friend was, but thank you to whoever you are for bringing these two beautiful human beings together forever!

Morgan + Andy are just purely endearing. Meeting them for the first in person at their engagement session was more than just a picture taking session; it was a time of hanging out and becoming great friends! Their sweet sweet giggles at each other and serious attitudes toward their relationship just brought so much delight to Bryson and I. Venturing around The Parklands and learning more about these beauties was just the start in an ever growing friendship!

Morgan + Andy, never stop embracing the strengths you each bring to the marriage table and stealing each other’s food. ;) Here’s to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Fischer oh so soon!

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