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Nick + Danelle | A Blissful Backyard Wedding

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The 6th Day of June, 2020 | Mariah Hill, IN

What was supposed to be a sunnyside, beach wedding turned into the most perfect backyard wedding for Nick and Danelle! Since covid-19 put a monkey wrench into their plans for getting married with sand on their toes, they decided to plan their special day in Nick’s parents’ backyard surrounded by their dearest family,  friends...and a slithery snake!

Nick’s family did the most amazing job on decorating a stunning tree with paper lanterns, an old door accented with drapery, and a hint of greenery! As Nick tied his tie and laced his shoes, darling Danelle rolled into the driveway in style in her family’s RV! Y’all, it was like this wedding was out of a movie. Children were laughing and running around the yard. A few family members started tearing up purely out of excitement. The sun was shining and beaming with joy for these two committing their lives to one another forever.

As the groom made his way down the aisle with his sons by his side, Danelle graced her way toward Nick accompanied by her son and daughter. There they stood, hand in hand, when all of a sudden, someone yelled, “There’s a snake!” Sure enough, there was the slithery guy just a few feet away from the bride and groom! Shrilling screams led to belly laughs, and moments later, we were back to the ceremony. After reading the most endearing vows to one another, they placed their rings on each others’ hands and sealed the deal with a kiss! The kiddos grabbed their confetti poppers and showered them with love and excitement!

Nick and Danelle, the passion and zeal you have for each other and your marriage is rare and inspiring. Being the capturing role of your wedding was a delight and genuine experience. We love you both dearly!


Photographer: Rose and Oak Studios

Bridal Gown: Beth Carter Bridal

Florals: Dale Floral

Hairdresser: Hairport Salon, Leah

Caterer: Millhouse

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