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Sarah + Travis | Divine Engagement Session

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A Divine Engagement Session at the Rockport Bluff | Rockport, IN | The 24th Day of November in 2019

If we had to describe Sarah + Travis as a couple with one word, we would choose “authentic”.  Their actions, words, and gazes toward each other had us absolutely floored! As they shared their vision for their wedding day with us while venturing around the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial and Rockport Bluff, we could not help but be filled with giddiness for their future wedding day! But first....the proposal story!

Travis planned a special surprise trip to Colorado the week before the trip filled with hikes and great restaurants, all to keep Sarah from guessing when the big question would be asked. Since they could not bring their dog, Winnie, on the splendid trip, Travis promised to take Sarah and Winnie to the Rockport Bluff when they returned home. {cue the winky faces! ;)}  Arriving home at 10 p.m., Travis knew that the timing could not be more perfect, so he loaded up Winnie + Sarah in their job and rode off to the bluff. As Sarah was admiring the scene, she turned around to see Travis down on one knee, and the rest is history!

It was a joyous time reminiscing with these two as we captured their sweet moments at this sentimental location where they went after their first date, for the proposal, and now for their engagement session! Sarah + Travis added so much character to express their relationship with their clothing choices: two simple and sweet dresses for her, handsome slacks and a crew neck for him, their favorite flannels, and ,finally, rival baseball jerseys to top it all off! As they walked through a bit of sand (haha!), hugged, and danced, Bryson and I could not stop smiling at how stinkin’ adorable these two were! 

We’re not “bluffing” when we say that this was one of the most gorgeous engagement sessions we have ever photographed!

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