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Shantai + Aaron | What All Started With a Facebook Invite

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The 13th Day of September, 2020 | Lamar, IN

We have served dozens of couples over the years, and none of them have ever told us the same story of how they came together, deciding on forever. This is just one of the endless, beautiful realities that every couple brings so many differences to the table but uses those differences in a way to be life partners and adventurers together! For Shantai and Aaron, a facebook invite not only brought a whole lot of using the “like” button but further grew into a lifetime commitment.

This country engagement session was nothing short of an absolute “Nicholas Sparks” dream! The lake, old farmhouse, and lovable pooch all tied in together perfectly to display Shantai + Aaron’s dearest personalities and relationship! However, the most special touch may have been when Aaron pulled out the John Deere tractor. ;) How creative!

Shantai + Aaron, your excitement for building a life together and accomplishing so many goals as a team is absolutely desirable. May this motivation and passion continue to further your joy and zeal for marriage!

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