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Tj + Alix Ball | Signed and Sealed in Santa Claus

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A bliss-filled wedding day topped off with a gorgeous sunset session!

October 27, 2018

Alix + Tj were two of the most genuine humans we have ever had the pleasure of having in front of our lenses. AHH! They were soo stinking cute! We joked with them before the ceremony that they just had that old people kind of love as if they had already been married for years already.

So our bliss filled wedding day started at the beautiful Bella Vita Salon in Owensboro, Kentucky. We arrived shortly after the bridesmaids had finished their hair, and just in time for makeup! That place was INCREDIBLE! Tons of natural light poured in, giving us the perfect opportunity to capture some killer shots of Alix. Next, we darted off to Santa Claus, Indiana to the location of the ceremony, which was a semi-outdoor venue called the Tabernacle. The tabernacle is a gorgeous whitewashed shelter that creates such a dreamy and intimate feel for a wedding. While we awaited the arrival of the bridal party, we started in on our accent shots. We were absolutely head over heels for all of Alix's precious wedding pieces, and we literally did not want to stop taking pictures of them!

Once the bridal party arrived, we began separate bridal party shots before the much anticipated FIRST LOOK!!! Okay, we can't wait any more... Alix and Tj's first look you guys was an absolute tear jerker! As Alix approached Tj from behind, you could literally see the anticipation on Tj's face to finally see his drop-dead GORGEOUS bride. Guys, as soon as he turned around, it was the most precious moment we have ever witnessed. He lost it as he gently snuggled Alix in to his arms, telling her how beautiful she was. They were crying....we were crying..... it was just a big beautiful mess! Phew!

Anyway, so as guests started to fill the wooden pews of the Tabernacle, that cute anticipation started to build again as Tj was going to, not only see his bride for the first time, but watch as she walked down the aisle to him. The processional music started as the guests rose to their feet, and there she was! Upon seeing her, Tj once again could not contain his awe of his soon-to-be wife approaching him. Only this time, he wasn't alone in his emotion as he was joined by the mothers of the couple and a few of the bridesmaids. As they exchanged their vows and rings, there just seemed to be this mutual smile on everyone's face as they shared in the joy of the moment. Once the minister pronounced them husband and wife and they shared their first kiss together, the entire venue exploded in resounding applause in excitement for the newlyweds. THEY DID IT! The beginning of a whole new chapter in life for Mr. and Mrs. Ball! After a few moments spent capturing some family photos, we retreated to the 4-H Center in Chrisney, Indiana for party time!! Woot woot!

Of course before we danced the night away, we had to take advantage of the prime time golden hour taking place just outside. Boy oh boy was that a treat:) These two ROCKED their gorgeous sunset session together. They literally looked like models out there! We adored watching them dance and giggle in the sunlight and totally did not want to stop. But hey, suns do set so we eventually had to go back inside. From there on, we just enjoyed watching this sweet newlywed couple dance and boogie all night long with all their sweet guests, enjoying their first night together as Mr. and Mrs. Ball!

We hope you enjoy just a few of their sweet moments below. If you would like to see more of the goodness, just head on over to our Galleries page to see their whole wedding!

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