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Tyler + Jessie | Love, Laughter, and Liam

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A little family of three, that is sure to melt your heart

September 1st, 2018 | Corner House Bed & Breakfast Rockport, IN

Our day started early that warm Saturday morning as the sun had just peeked over the eastern hills the Corner House faces. With the dew still moist in the grass and the early birds chirping away, we knew without a doubt this was destined to be a glorious day spent with Jessie + Tyler. Upon walking in to the Corner House; the warm, inviting aroma of a home-cooked breakfast and freshly brewed coffee, prepared by the bed & breakfast owner, Jenny Wilkerson, nearly took our breath away. Folks, let me tell you; this was the IDEAL atmosphere for the morning of a wedding day. It literally set the mood for the entire day!

Once we got ourselves all settled in, we visited Jessie and her girls upstairs in the bridal suite where they had already begun getting prepped and pretty! As Rachel Harper (Hairstylist) was a busy little bee, curling big wavy curls in to Jessie's hair, we diligently began capturing ALL the gorgeous shots of Tyler + Jessies' accents. This includes, of course, her dress!!

YOU GUYS!! Jessie's A-line styled dress with a beaded and partial illusion top was absolutely stunning, and this is before she put it on! There was so much detail to it that we had a hard time moving along to grab our other shots. From her Tocca fragrance to her oh-so-cute sandals she wore under her dress, Jessie's attention to detail was spot on. Along with the abundance of accent cuteness came the Corner House's elegant decor. We have had the opportunity to capture numerous weddings at Jenny's sweet, little wedding venue, and every single one is a new experience with the Pinterest perfect interior styling. Not only was Ms. Jenny operating the B&B that day, but she was also handling all the floral arrangements for the wedding. The arrangements she pieced together complemented the centerpieces in such a way; we were dumbfounded!

As the day continued on, it was time for Jessie to slip on her dress in preparation for the First Look. As her mother, Shannon and sweet sister, Jenna, helped her button up, they couldn't help but exchange jokes and memories together while taking in this moment. Anticipation was building as Bryson positioned Tyler in to place in front of the farm house, while the bridesmaids, photographers, and Jenna brought Jessie outside. Tyler stood with his eyes shut and back to Jessie as she slowly approached him from behind. She placed her hands over Tyler's eyes to build his excitement! On the count of three, 1....2....3.... he turned, and almost immediately his jaw hit the ground! They shared giggles and complements together while staring in to each other's eyes and really just took in the moment.

Next, we started in to our bridal party shots, Tyler with his goofy groomsmen and Jessie with her giggly gals! Little Liam was a huge part in this as well; we just had to get a plethora of shots of his overwhelming cuteness. After a solid 45 minutes of capturing all the feels of the soon-to-be newlywed's friends and family, it was time to journey to the hill top ceremony site. It was BREATHTAKING up there, friends. The setting sun gently kissing the tree tops coupled with the light and elegant decor made for a dreamy setting. As the music started and the bridal party followed by sweet Liam made their way down the aisle, you could literally almost feel Tyler's anticipation as his bride was soon to walk down to him. When the music changed and the minister asked for the guests to rise to their feet....there she was! Jessie was a vision in white on that country hill top as her father escorted her closer and closer to Tyler. The look on Tyler's face was absolutely priceless as he had his sights set on his beautiful bride. Vows were exchanged, rings were given, a unity tree was planted, and laughter was shared as the ceremony progressed. Upon being pronounced husband and wife, the crowd erupted into cheerful delight as Tyler and Jessie practically floated down the aisle together in the recessional.

Once things wrapped up and folks started to make their way down to the reception; we decided to stay on the hill and capture a little sunset magic with the sweet newlyweds. This was one of the most epic sunset sessions we have ever had the pleasure of capturing!! Very rarely does the weather tend to cooperate with us, but boy did it that evening. The sun produced a warm glow to our sweet couple as they enjoyed their first moments as husband and wife, and we could not get enough of it!

Although we could have spent the remainder of the evening capturing these two in that gorgeous lighting, we had a schedule to keep to! The festivities had already begun in the barns as the appetizers were out, and the the DJ was jamming. Following the bridal party's entrance, Jessie and Tyler danced their way on to the dance floor where Tyler dipped Jessie back for an EPIC kiss. The crowd, on their feet, exploded in cheer at these two; it was so stinking cute! The Hermann's shared their first dances with each other, cut their cake (smashed it in to each other's faces), and spent the rest of the evening in super celebration mode with all of their friends and family. The high level of joy and excitement was so obvious on the packed dance floor, pretty much the entire night.

Upon leaving the reception later that night, we couldn't help but just simply smile the entire way home, trying to take in the reality of the awe inspiring wedding we had just had just been a part of. Our hearts were full, overjoyed, and grateful for being able to capture Jessie and Tyler's married day!

Enjoy Tyler and Jessie's absolutely breathtaking love story below, and be sure to share this blog if you are just as in love with it as we are! Be sure to watch the Trailer followed by the Featured Film for the full affect! Liam thanks you for reading his mommy and daddy's adorable blog and watching their lovely films!

Trailer :

Featured Film:

Wedding Day Vendors:

Videography: Rose & Oak Studios

Photography: Bret & Brandie Photography

Venue: Corner House Bed & Breakfast

Hair Stylist: Rachel Harper

Deejay Service: Sonus DJ Evansville

Catering Service: Double D's

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