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24/7 Goofballs, Lovers of Jesus, Our Babies, and of Course Coffee!

Kentucky-based, Husband & Wife Wedding Film + Photo duo at your service! "I Do" days are our favorite jam, but in the mean time we are always down for a good movie night, nature hike, or weekend trip to who knows where!  

Destination elopement wedding photographer
...since we're all about love stories, here is our's! 
Destination elopement wedding photographer
How they met
How they met
first sight 2010

A Fairy Tale At Holiday World...

Once upon a time in a Santa Claus, Indiana, we both worked at a huge theme park called Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. She was 16, he was 17. Bryson worked there for a couple years before Jenna came along, but oh boy when she did, he was smitten!! We both worked in the games department, specifically at a game stand called Merlin's Castle (Yep, we were carnies). She was rocking that Flip-O-Frog while he kept kidos busy at Wacky Catz. 

After work most days, you would more than likely find us right back in the park riding roller coasters and eating wayyy too many elephant ears.  

he asked 2012
How he did it
Destination elopement wedding photographer
How he did it

Once the theme park days were in the past and college days in the present, we were pretty certain of everything if you know what we mean:)

Do you remember 12-21-12?? The day the world was supposed to end? We weren't dooms-dayers by any means, but we thought we would get fancy and hit the town as if it were ending just for fun. Little did Jenna know, but Bryson had plans that were a little on the "extra" side. After an evening filled with a dinner we couldn't afford and dancing to the tunes of the piano player Bryson paid off to play our favorite song, Bryson got down on one knee in the Grand Atrium of the West Baden Springs Hotel and popped the question to her. She forgot to say yes, but was all in!  

i do 2014
Destination elopement wedding photographer
Then they wed

On the 24th day in May we went back to the root of it all in Santa Claus to exchange our "I Do's". Not to Merlin's Castle at Holiday World unfortunately because they had since turned it in to a massive bathroom...(sigh), but just a little further down the road to a quaint all white open-air building at a local campground called the tabernacle. The day was literally too perfect. The weather cooperated, everyone was on time, and no one tripped waling the isle! As icing on the cake, Jenna's brother and his wife, flew in all the way from Germany, where he was stationed, to surprise us on our big day!! Ahh, it was just too good!  

Destination elopement wedding photographer
Then they wed
they grew 2020
Destination elopement wedding photographer
Then they grew
Destination elopement wedding photographer
Destination elopement wedding photographer
Then they grew
Destination elopement wedding photographer



Destination elopement wedding photographer
Destination elopement wedding photographer
wedding photographer
Destination elopement wedding photographer
Bryson Fulkerson
Jenna Fulkerson

Anything to do with being outdoors! He loves hiking and exploring new places with Jenna and his family. Loves music and everything that has to do with it, but can't sing worth a hoot. When he isn't at his weekday job in sales or glued to his laptop editing, he is usually sleeping..... :) Just kidding! Bryson can usually be found right at Jenna's side enjoying her company in whatever they are up to! 

Coffee lover, Friends (and now The Office) addict, and a fur baby momma to little Marley Mae! When Jenna isn't teaching at David Turnham Elementary, she enjoys hanging out with friends, family, or her youth group kiddos. Absolutely LOVES seeing new places! She has a passion for everything she puts her mind to and absolutely loves learning as much as she can about everyone she meets!  

The pride and joy of life itself, the reason to the rhyme, the beat of our hearts... Oooooh goodness we could have an entire website dedicated to this little ham and a half. We thought we knew what love was, that is until this little nugget made his debut.     

As of this current update, I'm a little over 3 yr old and am OBSESSED with all things trains and plan to learn how to swim this year.

Liam James
Destination elopement wedding photographer
Everly June 

The newest Fulkerson QUEEN to scoot/crawl the earth. As the first little lady to be born in our family in over 30 years, the pink carpet was literally rolled out for this chick. She rules the roost and makes her presence known either vocally or by her radiating cuteness. 


As of this current update, I like to smile and coo when I'm naked, spit up when mom & dad least expect it, and binge watch anything animated so hardcore that I only blink once every 5 minutes. 

Destination elopement wedding photographer






Years Of Him Being Her Lobster 
Years Since The Start Of Rose & Oak Studios
Beautiful Blissful Brides Served 
Moving Days In 5 Years
(Still Unpacking Boxes) 
Children, 2 human +
1 furry


our faves!


favorite food
"all things hibachi" 
"fresh sea-food all the way!" 
"vanilla latte with hazelnut" 
coffee of choice
"chestnut praline latte" 
"40mm anamorphic, for film" 
go-to lens
"50mm 1.4" 
"miniature things" 
most fascinated with
"how movies are made" 
"the entire 8th grade"
most embarrassing experience
"waving at people I think I know"
dream vacation
"definitely the Maldives"
"anywhere that has whales"
"snowboarding in Breckenridge, Co"
done without the other
"hang out in San Francisco for a day" 
"Romans 1:16"
favorite bible verse
"John 3:30"
pet peeve
"when someone leaves clothes on the floor"
"when Marley misses the puppy pad"
"I can scratch on DJ turntables"
sneaky talent
"I can play the bass guitar"
"I'm either outside or fixing something"
most happy when
"Marley + Friend's + ice cream"
"Kevin Bacon"
would fan-girl over
"Thor...not Chris Hemsworth, just Thor"
professional wedding photographers

If think you can handle our goofy-ness and we are the right vibe for what you are looking for in a photographer + filmmaker, seriously, come say hi! We genuinely love meeting new people and hearing their stories, big and small. 

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