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Alexis + Ben | A Surprise Twist to an Unexpected Relationship

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The 24th Day of October, 2020 | Jeffrey’s Cliffs | Hawesville, KY

Love at first sight does not always exist for both sides to a relationship. Sometimes, it takes a little extra convincing for some more than others! Alexis’ initial reaction to dating may have not been what Ben was expecting, but with a little time, these two knew there was no other option than to be each other’s one and only.

At Alexis’ 8th grade graduation, Ben thought she was the prettiest girl on the gym floor. The first movie quote that came to our minds when we found this out was, “ The prettiest girl is graduating 8th grade!!” Anyone catch the Princess Diaries 2 reference there?!?! Anyways, after a little time passed, these two cuties began dating...but Alexis’ plan the whole time was to break up with him after a couple weeks! A little more time passed, and Alexis was ensured that she not only wanted to continue dating Ben, but she knew that she wanted to MARRY him one day! These high school sweethearts continued to pursue each other and are now planning their wedding where the lifelong commitment will truly begin.

We always ask our couples if they have a location in mind for capturing their engagement sessions. So Alexis and Ben put the ball in our court and told us they wanted something different than downtown. Instead, they wanted pure country landscape. Bryson and I knew the PERFECT location but had to make sure these two were up for the challenge of a little hike and rock scaling to get to the final spot. Strolling through leaves and climbing multiple boulders to get to the final spot brought our relationship to a whole new level as hiking buddies! Needless to say, the images speak for themselves and portray how darling Alexis and Ben are as a couple and eternal best friends.

Alexis + Ben, being each other’s rock and support through the rainy days and the sunny days is one of the many factors of a successful marriage. Keep pursuing each other fiercely!

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