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John + Huntyce | NewlyPolhemuses

The 11th Day of November, 2022 | Lincoya Hills Baptist Church | Nashville, TN

The Lord truly knew what He was doing when he intricately placed Huntyce + John’s inquiry in our inbox. When we asked the beautiful couple how they discovered our business, the groom responded, “I’m not really sure, but I’m so glad I found you two!” Needless to say, what started with a “just by chance” opportunity ended with us becoming a part of the Polhemus family and forever having the honor of capturing the monumental moment of John + Huntyce vowing their lives to one another forever.

The essence of fall was in the Nashville air, inspiring the autumn decor for the Polhemus wedding. Crimson, gold, and rust tones sprinkled the reception, but nothing held a candle to the beauty of Huntyce as she made her way down the aisle in the most classic, elegant gown. Huntyce’s smile is one that lights up a room and makes John’s smile radiate even more. As Uncle Ed officiated the happy couple into the moment of saying, “I do”, unforgettable opera singing and a sense of joy and sentiment lingered through the sanctuary from every person attending and getting hitched!

The celebration continued as the family shared the most delicious meal and festive memories together. As the sun was setting, we were eager beavers to capture the newlyweds in the beautiful golden hour. With the sunshine glimmering above them and crunching leaves beneath them, John and Huntyce had the most perfect setting to capture their marital celebration portraits. Just look at their candid smiles!

John + Huntyce, witnessing the joy and excitement you both displayed during your wedding festivities only inspires Bryson and I to share that same joy in our own marriage. You two make a beautiful couple and inspire so many around you. Congrats to the NewlyPolhemuses!

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