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Alexis + Ben | NewlyWolfs

The 9th Day of October, 2021 | Corpus Christi Catholic Church | Evansville, IN

“I want to be in good health so we can still be dancing at our grandchildren’s weddings.”


The intentional wisdom that Alexis + Ben share as a couple is astounding. Their genuine love for one another and motivation to work hard at their marriage even into the later years of life just continually leaves us jaw dropped. With this firm foundation of self-sacrificial love that was amazingly apparent between Alexis and Ben, we counted ourselves honored to witness the day they become one!

Dazzling and a whole lot of diamonds could truly sum up the aesthetic for the Wolf wedding! Though every detail was beautifully planned and brought to life, Alexis + Ben kept one detail as the priority: celebration of course! To keep this priority as the focal point, they even made sure to schedule two first dances, one with a crowd full of friends and family and one where it was just the two of them with the glow of the lights, beaming their shared last name. How exquisitely planned with purpose!

Melody of Marriage

“Never Seen Anything Quite Like You"

-The Script

"When it's right it's more than right 'Cause you feel it more than feel I could take this moment now Ride into the grave with me

Well, I've seen you in jeans with no make-up on And I've stood there in awe as your date for the prom I'm blessed as a man to have seen you in white But I've never seen anything quite like you tonight No, I've never seen anything quite like you tonight No, I've never seen anything quite like you tonight"

Alexis + Ben, just as a diamond is put through an immense amount of pressure to create something so divine, marriage can also bring its own amount of pressure. However, we firmly believe that the love and passion you two have for each other is one that is steadfast, unbreakable, and one that is motivated to create something astounding. Congrats to the NewlyWolfs!

“I want people to always say that we are a happy couple just like my parents.”



Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Videographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Ceremony Venue: Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Bauerhaus

Rings: Curt the Jeweler

DJ: Bauerhaus

Caterer: Bauerhaus

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