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Ellisa + Ethan | An 8 Track Kind of Love

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The 5th Day of September, 2020 | Corner House Bed + Breakfast | Rockport, IN

How people listen to music has made quite the revolution and statement over the years. If you’re a 90’s kid like myself, you might remember switching out your cassette tape as you jammed to your favorite tunes with your Walkman. Don’t forget the fun part about winding up the tape in the cassette when it became unraveled too. ;) To this day though, I still don’t really know what an 8 track is. After doing a little research, I found out that unlike cassettes, 8 tracks are a continuous loop of tape. They did not need to be turned over to keep playing. There were four programs of music on each tape with two tracks on each program to create stereo sound. Even though this form of listening to music came with its certain challenges, its soothing melodies never ceased to bring the listeners some sweet, old joy.

In the same sense, marriage can come with some kinks. There can be times when the same issue gets stuck on repeat or your spouse leaves the tape unraveled on purpose. How you want to respond vs. how you should respond are more than likely two different cases. Through the trials that may enter into your marriage, don’t forget those sweet, melodic words you spoke to your spouse as you looked into his/her eyes: “From this day forward, I vow.” You vowed to love your spouse in all of his or her forms for better or for worse, for sick or for healthy, for rich or poor, and so much more. Through these vows, you chose to remain looped to your husband or wife for a lifetime, which is the sweetest song out there.

Ellisa + Ethan’s sweet song of marriage was accompanied by the most homey and whimsical setting, darling friends and family gathered around them, and the most elegant decor accent that added a touch of country bliss. As they vowed their lives to each other and blended two sands to represent them becoming one, the scene could not have been more sentimental. Now it was time to boogie on and party on, and so they did. The 8 Track Band brought the evening to a high musical note, instilling the most beautiful celebration of Ellisa + Ethan choosing to be looped together for life.

Ellisa + Ethan, may the melody of marriage ring high in your hearts, motivating you to

embrace the soundtrack of growth and love it has to offer!

Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Corner House Bed + Breakfast

Bridal Gown: Ella Park Bridal

Hairdresser: Glam with Rachel (Rachel Farmer)

Makeup: Glam with Rachel (Rachel Farmer)

DJ: Walt from Songbird + 8 Track Band

Caterer: Sander Catering

Florist: Lauer’s Floral and Jenny at the Corner House Bed + Breakfast

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