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Jayme + Cole | NewlyAndersons

The 7th Day of May, 2022 | The Monastery Immaculate Conception | Ferdinand, IN

“Choose encouragement over criticism, grace over judgment, and faith over fear”

-Fierce Marriage

Wedding Tip:

Make your photographer ecstatic by choosing a look alike castle as your ceremony venue, and you’ll get portraits like THESE!

Jayme + Cole are hands down two of the sweetest people we know! Their gentle, humorous spirit as a couple and kind-hearted personalities only describe a minor part of why we love them so much. So when you take this duo that is divinely beautiful inside and out and pair it with a REMARKABLE wedding day, the end result is sheer perfection!

Melody of Marriage

“I’ll Quit Lovin’ You”


"Baby, I'll quit loving you

When the sun sets to the east

When the sky turns evergreen

Baby, don't you ever think

That I'll quit loving you, yeah

… Well, I know it might sound crazy thinking this thing out that far

Well, that's just how it sounds when a good ol' boy speaks from the heart

Yeah, every night you're first in line each time I count my blessings

I'll never quit believing, girl, that you were sent from heaven"

Jayme + Cole, learning how to “newlywed” well brings its fair share of trials and triumphs. However, the way we choose to love each other more than ourselves is what helps to steer the marriage in the direction of grace and success. We will forever cherish the beautiful moments we shared with you two on your union day! Cheers to the NewlyAndersons!


Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Ceremony Venue: The Monastery Immaculate Conception

Reception Venue: St. Anthony Community Center

Stationary: Zazzle

Dress: Beth Carter Bridal

Tux: Beth Carter Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Beth Carter Bridal

Groomsmen Tuxes: Beth Carter Bridal

Groomsmen Hats: Old Crow Apparel

Rings: Disinger’s

Hairdresser: Claudia Kern and also Renee Berg

Makeup: Makeup by Taylor and Blush and Beauty by Leann

Florist: Ferdinand house of flowers

Cake: Cupcakes by Melissa

Caterer: St. Anthony Community Center

DJ: Evansville DJ LLC

Party Bus: Cupid Transportation

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