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Lee + Crystal | Racing Their Way to Victory in Marriage

The 29th Day of August, 2020 | The Roofless Church | New Harmony, IN

When you’re a stock car racer, you may encounter countless moments that are loud, fast, and filled with a lot of dirt. However, it is pushing through those crazy moments that leads you to the finish line of victory in the end. Marriage also has its moments that are loud, crazy, and filled with messy moments. As husbands and wives, we can ultimately choose how we will react in the moment: lose control of our temper in the matter of seconds that will lead to a crash or take control of our words and actions to bring victory to our spouse. Lee + Crystal’s lives may include a lot of zooming moments on the track, but we know their tenderness and zeal to uplift each other will lead to the greatest race life has to offer through marriage.

Over the years, the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time has become quite the spectacle at weddings, and Lee’s reaction did not disappoint. As the music came to a slow fade in the background, Lee turned around to see a sight he was not prepared for. With tears swelling in his eyes, he could not help but gleam with warmth as his bride made her way down the very long aisle to him. :) With a kiss and honk of the stock car, these two rode off, carrying the greatest trophy of all: wedding bands that symbolized the confirmation of their dedication to each other for a lifetime.

Lee + Crystal, through the racetrack of life, set your eyes on the prize of loving each other with the same sincerity you felt when meeting eyes at the altar for the first time. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Williams!


Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Videographer: DJ Kyle Ray (Evansville DJs LLC)

Wedding Coordinator: Event Montage

Ceremony Venue: Roofless Church

Reception Venue: Ribeyre Gymnasium

Bridal Gown: Ella Park Bridal

Hairdresser: Ashlie Ingler

Makeup: Alexandria Sparks (Makeup by Ali Sparks)

DJ: DJ Kyle Ray (Evansville DJs LLC)

Caterer: Marx BBQ

Cake: Paradise Cakes

Florist: Event Montage

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