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Sarah + Travis | An Authentic Couple Aspiring for the Adventure of Marriage

The 17th Day of October, 2020 | Trinity United Methodist Church | Rockport, IN

Have you ever stopped to think, “How can two completely, differently wired people come together to be married for a lifetime?” It truly never ceases to amaze Bryson and I how God can unite two humans of two extremes and use their differences for His glory. While we are on the topic of differences, have you ever taken the Enneagram personality test? If not, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to take the test and see how you and your spouse or fiance are wired to be drawn together even through your contrasting personality traits! With Bryson’s number being an 8 (The Challenger) and mine being a 2 (The Helper), we are more alike than what we appear to be on the outside because as a team, we are action-oriented and want to have a personal impact on our environment!

During our timeline meeting with Sarah + Travis, we were able to dive into their Enneagram numbers and chat about how they make the perfect, cohesive blend of a Number 1 and Number 9 team! These types understand each other from the inside, complimenting each other by being self-sacrificial, hard working, and willing to put their personal needs and interests aside for the good of others. All in all, these two are the perfect duo for changing the world and making it a better place. :)

Wedding days bring all sorts of busyness with the preparation and making sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Even through the fast paced morning of stir and arrangement for Sarah + Travis’ wedding, a steadfast atmosphere was clearly evident. These two were essentially concerned with remaining focused on the true purpose of the day: authentically promising their lives together and gleefully accepting the adventure of marriage.

It’s not at every ceremony that we get to witness the bride and groom take a few minutes to read letters to each other off on their own. Sarah + Travis’ moment of intimacy as they read through their many pages of awe inspired love for each other brought smiles to the entire crowd and enlightened everyone’s hearts. As their dear friend and officiant pronounced them as husband and wife, the crowd cheered and seeds of love for these two poured over Sarah + Travis!

Dear Newlyweds, as you have been married for a few months, it is our hope and desire that you continue to love each other and your differences more than you did on your day of matrimony!


Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Wedding Coordinator: Sherri Risse

Ceremony Venue: Trinity United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: Spencer County Youth and Community Center

Stationary: Swell Design

Bridal Gown: Ella Park Bridal

Hairdresser: Melissa Padilla and Erika

Makeup: Morgan Toler

DJ: Sonus DJ

Caterer: New Boston Tavern

Cake: Rita Small

Florist: Lauer Floral and Gift Shop

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