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Taryn + Zach | From Sharing Juice Boxes to Sharing a Lifetime Together

The 7th Day of November, 2020 | St. Celestine Catholic Church | Celestine, IN

Isn’t it just phenomenal that the Lord can cross two peoples’ paths as children and reunite them as adults, affirming their love and desire to spend their entire lives together?! Well that’s exactly how it all started for Taryn + Zach! As tots, they enjoyed juice boxes together at the same daycare. Then years later, they have chosen to be each other’s plus one forever!

Just as a sunflower keeps its face to the sunshine, so did Taryn + Zach’s wedding day! These two did not allow the nerves that come with wedding day jitters to mask their excitement of that moment of saying I do! Their cheerful and gleeful hearts and great sense of humor made the day so smooth and enjoyable. After the vows were affirmed, and they kissed for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Mauder, we stole the newlyweds away for the most dreamy sunset session, chatting about all the excitement of the covenant that was just made!

A quick drink stop (and mozzie stick stop for Bryson and I. haha!) and a festive bus ride to the reception venue all proceeded an evening of jams and rocking and rolling with the good times! To top it all off, there was a cupcake bar, overflowing with various flavors and had Bryson’s eyes growing bigger than his stomach! I wish I could tell you an exact number of cupcakes he ate, but I’m pretty sure we lost track after more than a few. ;) Following some of the greatest wedding toasts we have ever listened to before and the darling dances, Taryn + Zach brought their day of a lifetime to an end with the sweetest crowd and giddiness for marriage.

Taryn + Zach, times may have been simpler in the juice box days, but the new chapter you two have jumped into together will bring you the greatest memories and moments of adventures together!

Photographer: Rose + Oak Studios

Ceremony Venue: St. Celestine Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Celestine Community Club

Bridal Gown: Beth Carter Bridal

Hairdresser: Kirby Pierce for me. Michelle Kiefner for the girls.

Makeup: Taylor Starrs

DJ: Music Mann

Caterer: Celestine Community Club

Florist: Lauer Connie Matheis

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